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Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.Once you have the Awareness to see your patterns and you’ve started to take Responsibility for your life, the next step to finding work you love and creating a life filled with joy and happiness is Commitment.

Change is not easy. In fact, it’s human nature to resist change.

Just because you are Aware of the fact that you do not love your job and you accept Responsibility for creating your own reality, does not mean that you will find work you love. Why? Because you might not do anything about it.

Why wouldn’t you do anything about it if you know you’re unhappy and you know that you have the power to change it? Because of fear.

We all have fear. Lots of it. I have news for you, anyone who ever accomplished anything lasting with their life was very scared before she achieved it.

Here’s the good news — if you are truly Committed to achieving something with your life, and I mean TRULY Committed, then the universe will conspire to provide it for you.

Have you ever had an experience where things just seemed to work out for you and you got exactly what you wanted? When you make a big Commitment to creating something in your life, in addition to all the effort that you put in, outside forces inexplicably come to your aid to help manifest whatever it is you’re trying to create. I’m not exaggerating, miracles will happen.

What are you Committed to manifesting in your life?

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Vanessa Loder

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