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  • “We recently had Vanessa come to our company and present a series of workshops and seminars to various groups of team members. The end result of that experience has been nothing less than transformational for our company. Vanessa’s uncanny ability to assess the different needs and capabilities of each group was instrumental in delivering content that was precisely on target, delivered with a style and ease that allowed for maximum transfer of knowledge and skills and enhanced the “sticky factor” of the content. Vanessa’s seminars were crisp, informative and provocative all while creating a safe and trusting experience for the participants. We plan on bringing Vanessa back to our company regularly as a key ingredient in strengthening our people power.”

    Terry Tierney
    Terry TierneyCEO, MyChelle Dermaceuticals
  • After learning about taking responsibility for setting boundaries and making a commitment to setting more realistic deadlines, things have gotten easier to balance at work and I've held my ground more. It's happening in baby steps, but I have started to set more realistic timing and push back when I need to -- and you're right, no one really notices or cares as much as I thought they would. Amazing how much I've let my own perceptions dictate what I think others are expecting of me as well.

    Marketing Manager at One Kings Lane
    Marketing Manager at One Kings LaneSan Francisco, CA
  • The Mindfulness Based Achievement course provides an invaluable roadmap for realizing your full potential and shedding preexisting and self-imposed obstacles to achieving your goals. In a nurturing and empowering environment, Lisa and Vanessa provide the tools to recognizing patterns of behavior that prevent us from being the fully-realized individuals that we long to be. This program was truly transformative. By working through the rituals and steps that the process entails, I am now more confident, assured and excited about what the future holds than I have ever felt before. I realized through my journey as a student of the MBA program that the tools I need to achieve my goals already exist within me, and that the best thing you can do to cultivate those goals is to take accountability and recognize changes that YOU can make in your thinking and behavior to confidently move in the direction of the life you dream of.

    Lizabeth Pollack
    Lizabeth PollackEsq., San Francisco, CA
  • I have been using the Deeper Sleep audio as well as some of your other guided meditations regularly. They work like a DREAM, literally! Love, love, love them! They make me feel better about life! Thank you so much for sharing these powerful audios! I'm so excited about what Vanessa and Lisa are doing with Mindfulness Based Achievement!

    Jesse Draper
    Jesse DraperCEO, Valley Girl, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  • I'm navigating a major transition in my life, and even though I teach mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, I learned so much in the MBA program and had so much fun along the way!  Having Lisa and Vanessa's guidance, plus the support of the other women in this program, made all the difference for me.  I tend to take on too much by myself, and struggle to ask for help when I need it.  This program was just what I needed to help me move forward.

    Kim Nicol
    Kim NicolApplied Mindfulness & Meditation, San Francisco, CA
  • The Ideal Life 5 Year Vision has been SO helpful to me, I love it!  I was surprised by some of the things I saw and it really helped me gain clarity on what I want to be doing with my life.

  • Ainslie and Vanessa are a powerful force for manifesting your dreams.  I just spent a weekend with these soul warriors and I am returning home energized and excited about possibilities. I would encourage anyone seeking the opportunity to examine their purpose and set a path for actualizing to consider the fantastic programs they offer.

    Anne Robie
    Anne RobieHead of HR at StubHub
  • It was Total Transformation!  Ainslie and Vanessa are a powerful force for positive change in the world.  Everyone at the seminar was immersed in love and white light, which made for a life changing event.  We are already making plans to repeat the experience in 6 months.

    Rebecca Seymour
    Rebecca Seymour
  • This weekend was one of those forks in the road that has changed my life forever. Wow. How do you put into words this kind of transformation and shift?!

  • Ainslie and Vanessa...there really are no words. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for not only putting this together but, for being the beautiful souls that you are. Thank you.

    Melissa Hooton
    Melissa Hooton
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