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Commit to Discovering Work You Love

Once you have the Awareness to see your patterns and you’ve started to take Responsibility for your life, the next step to finding work you love and creating a life filled with joy and happiness is Commitment. Change is not easy. In fact, it’s human nature to resist change. Just because you are Aware of […]

Victim Mode: Don’t Be An Eeyore

Many of us have gotten in the habit of being a victim in our own lives. We think “Oh, that stupid police officer gave me a ticket, so of course I’m pissed off right now” or “Oh, well, I had a bad childhood and that’s why I turned out the way I did” or “My […]

Aligning Your Subconscious with Your Goals

  After getting clear about what it is that you want to create, the second step to creating your ideal life is to align your subconscious beliefs with what you want. Your beliefs have to match up in order for manifestation to work. This is the step that I think a lot of people get […]

Take Action, Be Heard in Your Relationships

Previously, I defined players as people who take action. Today, let’s look at how players function in relationships. Do you have a relationship with someone that is not working out well? I am not talking just about romantic relationships; this could be your dental hygienist. Did you leave your last cleaning feeling like your mouth […]

Take 100% Responsibility and Be a Player, Not a Spectator

There is nothing “out there,” “touchy-feely,” or “woo woo” about what I have to say today. There are two types of people: players and spectators. Players take action. Spectators comment on the action. As a literal example, there’s a tennis match. The players are the ones smashing the ball back and forth. Everyone else is […]

Your Story or Reality?

We all know that no two people are the same. So, is it a big surprise that no two people see the same thing in the same way? Actually, when it comes to experiencing and remembering anything, we are all different. My view of life depends on the filter that is my brain – and […]

Creating Good Parking Karma

No matter your spiritual affiliation, you have probably observed that certain people seem to have all the luck when it comes to finding parking. I was not such a person. I live with street parking. I could circle the block for up to 15 minutes and have to settle for something blocks away, or maybe […]

Be Grateful, Find Happiness

Did you know that there have been studies that link happiness with gratitude? It turns out that happiness has less to do with what and how much you have and more to do with how grateful you are. This might sound really “out there,” but it makes sense. If you are grateful for your life, […]
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