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Inspirational Classes

Access your inner wisdom to move beyond your fears, realize your full potential, and achieve your purpose through these 5 and 10 week

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Live Events & Trainings

Attend a life changing event or training. We offer a variety of events including our MBA Foundations 3 Day Seminar, one day workshops and high powered bid/ask parties.

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We believe in the power of a group, and the accelerated learning and healing that takes place when you have a dedicated amount of time and space to devote to deep transformation.

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It’s possible to create big shifts in behavior patterns through One-On-One Coaching, Hypnosis, and Past Life Regression Therapy. Vanessa works with both men and women individually.

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For Corporations & Groups

Inspirational Speaking

By sharing her personal story as well as practical tools and tips to create lasting change, Vanessa acts as a catalyst to ignite transformation in others. Prior speaking engagements include TedxFiDiWomen SF, Google, LinkedIn, Stanford Women in Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business and LoveSpring.

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Corporate Workshops

Akoya offers a variety of Corporate Workshops focused on team-building, practical tools for lowering stress & anxiety, and cultivating leadership skills. Akoya also teaches the Mindfulness Based Achievement (MBA) curriculum on-site for Corporate clients in 6 and 10 week programs or 1-2 day workshops.

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Popular Podcasts

Speak with Confidence

This 13 minute audio podcast is focused on helping you prepare to speak in front of a group with clarity and confidence.
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How to Heal Relationships with Loved Ones

Learn how to let go of resentment and have a “Clearing Conversation” with family, friends and co-workers to dramatically improve your relationships.
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DeClutter Your Life

A conversation about the power of subconscious mind, and how we can consciously change our thoughts to get what we want.
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Breathe Into Optimal Wellness

Increase your vitality, energy, happiness and health all through the power of your breath.
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About Akoya

My Story…How to Find Work You LOVE

It is about uniting the opposing forces inside of you and learning to love and accept both your dark and your light so that you can step into your most Authentic Self: a human being filled with love, power, compassion and joy.

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  • “Wow, this is such a powerful tool! I am so grateful to Vanessa for encouraging me to explore deeper levels of myself through the comprehensive, practical and very powerful exercises in this course. As I finished each audio I got more and more inspired and at the end I was able to create the coaching program that I have been wanting to create for so long and somehow I have been putting it off. I realized that some of my unconscious beliefs were stopping me from sharing my gifts with the world and now I feel totally ready. The “You Can Create An Ideal Life” course is inspiring and every time I listen to it, it raises my vibration making me feel more powerful and capable of really and truly creating the life I desire.”

    Paula Lacobara
    Paula LacobaraSkin & Beauty Health Coach, New York, NY
  • “The session at the WIM breakfast was great and I loved your energy. I started using the appreciation exercise with my fiance the next day and it has worked so well for us. We found ourselves in this cycle of petty complaining and arguing and the past week has been so great. The exercise has helped us to focus on the good instead of the bad. He actually acknowledged how much he likes doing it this morning and reminded me that we forgot to do the exercise last night. I just wanted to share so that you know that the work you are doing is having an impact.”

    Tanisha Drummer
    Tanisha DrummerStanford Graduate School of Business WIM Member

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Part of Akoya’s mission is to empower women & girls in developing countries. We believe it is important to give back and we’re committed to donating 10% of all proceeds to various charities.
We’d love to encourage you to donate as well.

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