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Akoya Power’s Weekly Recharge for High-Achieving Women

Inspirational podcasts, stories, and practical tools for high achieving women to increase their happiness.

Lower Stress and Increase Willpower with Deep Breathing

Learn a simple 2 minute solution that not only lowers stress and anxiety but has actually been scientifically proven to increase willpower. It’s free, it’s accessible to anyone, and you can do it anywhere – so why not get started right now!

Get in Motion! Interview with Laura Putnam

In this brief interview with Motion Infusion Founder & CEO Laura Putnam, you will learn what stops us from improving our health and well being, why it’s so hard to avoid sugar and alcohol and what to do, how you can increase your intrinsic motivation to create real change, and practical skills and strategies to eat healthier and get fit.

Declutter Your Life – Out with the Old, In with the New

We all have clutter in our lives, whether it’s a big pile of papers on your desk or that home improvement project that you think about doing but never seem to get around to. Learn why it’s important to periodically clean out what is no longer serving you and how you can increase your energy in less than an hour with these two simple tips.

Speak with Confidence

This 13 minute audio podcast is focused on helping you prepare to speak in front of a group with clarity and confidence. Whether you are giving a presentation, leading a meeting or speaking in front of a large audience, this audio will help you deliver your message in a powerful way.

Weekly Recharge Introduction

Mindfulness Based Achievement Audio

Loving Kindness

Open your heart to love in 5 minutes.
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An Intro to Grounding

An effective technique to help you feel more centered and calm in your life.
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Grounding Level II

Release objects and energy that are no longer serving you.
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