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Powerful Women – One Day Workshop Feb 22 2014

Are you ready to accelerate your ability to get what you want and step into your true power? Are you trying to make a change but struggling to get the results you desire? Come spend a full day with Vanessa to learn some of her most powerful techniques to create change!

Mindfulness Based Achievement™ – 3 Day Foundations Seminar

Take an intensive approach to learning the Mindfulness Based Achievement curriculum in our 3 Day Seminar held in San Francisco, CA. You will receive a personalized roadmap to create true success and passion for yourself that gets embodied in your daily choices.

Soul Power – One Day Workshop May 2014

What if your Soul has a plan for you and you’re not following it? Are you meant to be doing something more with your life? At this workshop with Ainslie & Vanessa, you will learn how to create a life in alignment with your soul plan and wake up every day feeling excited about your life.

Mindfulness Based Achievement™ – Bid/Ask Party

These are invite-only and take networking to a whole new level. These exclusive events are a chance to connect with other powerful women on a similar journey who are looking to support each other in upleveling their lives. You will be asked to submit a request to have some important needs met, and you will also have the opportunity to respond to the requests of others in the Bid/Ask format. Come prepared to have fun while getting a lot accomplished in a short period of time!

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