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We believe in the power of a group, and the accelerated learning and healing that takes place when you have a dedicated amount of time and space to devote to deep transformation.  That’s why we’ve created these unique 3-Day Experiential Retreats.
Powerful Woman Connection – 3 Day Retreat & Group Program

The Powerful Woman Connection is a high-end 12-Week coaching program and 3 Day Experiential Retreat run by Akoya Power. The PWC is about the collaborative brilliance of women. By participating in the Powerful Woman Connection, you will learn how to step into your unique gifts and talents and access your power. The PWC is something that can bring you into the truest, most authentic journey of your life. Learn more about the Powerful Woman Connection Retreat >>

Soul Power 3 Day Retreat

What if you could hear the messages that your Inner Voice or Guides have for you with confidence and ease? What if you knew exactly how to take action on those messages to create a life in alignment with your Soul’s plan? And what if, as a result of this new ability, you were able to create lasting change in just 3 days? Find out how with the Soul Power 3 Day Retreat >>

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