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Are you Running Towards Something?

Hello, I’ve noticed both in myself and those around me a desire for MORE. We are always looking for the next best thing. A promotion, a bigger house, better friends, a nicer vacation. It’s not necessarily bad to strive for things, and yet where do we draw the line? How do we know when striving […]

The Day I Stopped Seeing a To-Do List Everywhere I Turned

The post was previously published on A while back, I was experimenting with a mindfulness technique from A Course in Miracles. I had to quietly look around the room I was sitting in and simply label things and people without judgment. For example, “bed,” “mirror,” “rug” — to notice these things and myself with an […]

7 Mistakes People Make When Looking For A Mentor

The post was previously published on I’ve heard many people complain about not having found a “good” mentor — including very accomplished, high-potential leaders. But the truth is, it’s very easy to fall into certain traps when it comes to the process of trying to find a mentor, and eventually to leveraging mentor relationships […]

7 Hiding Strategies That Keep Women Entrepreneurs From Playing Big

The post was previously published on Why is it that women with tremendous talent, big visions, and innovative ideas often don’t see their own brilliance while recognizing it in others? I recently interviewed author, entrepreneur and expert on women’s leadership Tara Mohr, who wrote Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message because “I’m tired […]

If Men Nursed Babies

This article was previously published on Huffingtonpost If men nursed babies instead of women, there would be a pumping room on every floor of every office building with a flat screen TV playing SportsCenter, plush couches to sit on and lots of free food — bowls of nuts, hoagies, along with two big coolers to […]
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