Free Media Downloads

Every week I host a free 1 hour mini consultation focused on little things that can help you deal with stress. These mini courses are designed to introduce you to my methodology and refresh my existing students on how simple exercises can make a big positive impact.

If you would like to listen to previous mini courses please feel free to click on the buttons below.

Call #1 – Manifestation
A conversation about the power of our subconscious mind, and how we can consciously change our thoughts to get what we want

Call #2 – How to Live in a State of Joy
Learn how practicing daily affirmations and gratitude can greatly increase your happiness

Call #3 – Breathe Into Optimal Wellness
Increase your vitality, energy, happiness and health all through the power of your breath!

Call #4 – Learn How to Heal Relationships with Loved Ones
Learn how to let go of resentment and have a “Clearing Conversation” with family, friends and co-workers to dramatically improve your relationships

Call #5 – Enhance Your Physical Well-Being
An interview with Holistic Nutrition Expert Kelly Cornell in which she shares her secrets to Increased Energy, Losing Weight & the Healing Power of Whole Foods

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