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The Presence of Transformation

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Presence of Transformation
The what? Good question.

Before I get too “out there” let me clarify the difference between concept and presence.
A concept is an idea and, in this case, the presence is reality. You can read a book about riding a bicycle, but there is no reality until you are on the seat and pedaling.

Or – and this is better use of “presence” – pretend I’ve given you a pretty box and said, “here’s a trip to Paris.” All excited, you open the box to find a map of Paris. No plane ticket, no hotel reservation, but a map. That is not a trip to Paris; that is the concept of Paris. The presence of Paris is in Paris. You have to be there to experience it.

The same is true of transformation. You know what transformation is: a change. But, like Paris, you have to experience transformation to be in its presence. Talking about it is insufficient. Live it, only then can it happen.

What will you transform from concept to presence?

Vanessa Loder

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  • Dee Ankary

    Hi Vanessa,

    We spend so much time and effort learning and figuring out the how-to, but much less time actually doing and living ‘it’.

    Our power of imagination is fantastic in being able to conjure the visions and images of what we desire, yet the same power of imagination can be the biggest obstacle in translating dreams to reality.

    Good article to ponder.

    Have a great day.

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