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Are You Being Taking for Granted?

I want to wish a BIG Happy Mothers Day to all you mamas out there!!! It is incredible what mothers do for their children and their families and, now that I’m actually doing these things myself, I have a whole new level of respect for what it takes to be a mom! Wow. All I […]

Create Your Ideal Life with Awareness

Most people would rather sleep walk through life than have to recognize they are not happy. It takes courage to acknowledge that you are not satisfied with your life and that you want to create more happiness and joy. Have you seen the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Do […]

Take Action, Be Heard in Your Relationships

Previously, I defined players as people who take action. Today, let’s look at how players function in relationships. Do you have a relationship with someone that is not working out well? I am not talking just about romantic relationships; this could be your dental hygienist. Did you leave your last cleaning feeling like your mouth […]

What it Takes to Manifest

Though this seems like a difficult question to answer, the answer is the easy part; it is the question that is a little more difficult. Many people think that “manifesting” is the same as “creating,” but there is not the case. To manifest something is to make or show something that is obvious; therefore, if […]
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