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Akoya Power’s Weekly Recharge for High Achieving Women

This podcast is full of inspirational stories and practical tools for high achieving women. Our goal with this podcast is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, have an “ah ha” moment about something in your life and receive a practical tool or tip that will make a difference in your daily life. Topic examples include: how to prepare for a big meeting and speak with confidence, how to deal with conflict in your team, why we try so hard to do everything perfectly and exhaust ourselves in the process, and many more.

These audio sessions are 12-15 minutes long – perfect for listening during a short break at work, over lunch or while commuting to/from the office.

This series is designed for high achieving women who are striving for success in all areas of their lives (be a successful career woman, an engaged mother/wife, look fit and healthy, etc.) and could use a weekly recharge.

Listen to the podcast below, or subscribe on iTunes!

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