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Mindfulness Based Achievement – Bid/Ask Party

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These exclusive events are invite-only and take networking to a whole new level.  How many of you have been to a networking event that felt forced and awkward?  Do you dread these situations and feel like you “have” to go?  Or have you been to a networking event, quickly exchanged info but then never bothered to follow up?

How many of you have made it to the additional step of sending that follow up email after meeting someone at a networking event only to have them never respond or tell you they can’t really meet your needs?  Why is networking so inefficient?

We have a new solution for you!  It’’s called a Bid/Ask party.

These unique parties are a chance to connect with other powerful women on a similar journey who are looking to support each other in upleveling their lives.  You will be asked to submit a request to have some important needs met, and you will also have the opportunity to respond to the requests of others in the Bid/Ask format.  Come prepared to have fun and connect deeply while getting a lot accomplished in a short period of time and actually getting your needs met!

Watch this Tedx talk by Catherine Berman on why networking is broken:

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