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Mindfulness Based Achievement – 3 Day Foundations Seminar

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Date and Time:
Friday June 6       10am – 5pm
Saturday June 7   9am – 5pm
Sunday June 8    9am – 3pm

Location: San Francisco, CA

Learn the full Mindfulness Based Achievement curriculum in our 3 Day Seminar held in San Francisco, CA.  In the Mindfulness Based Achievement 3-Day Seminar you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop blaming and start creating

  • Connect with your core values and make choices that are in alignment with those values

  • Shift from self-criticism to self-compassion

  • Expand your ability to give and receive greater abundance, love, success and creativity

  • De-stress and relax on a deep level

  • Know what you really feel and want so you can make clear choices and powerful decisions about your life

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More About the Seminar

In MBA Foundations, you learn to use simple, powerful tools backed by scientific research that take you from complaining about your life to gaining clarity and creating the life you desire. Part lecture and part practical experiential exercises, learn how to attain success with ease rather than struggle. MBA Foundations opens up a new path for you to envision and attain your dream goals and connect with your purpose. You will receive a personalized roadmap to create true success and passion for yourself that gets embodied in your daily choices.

Is This Seminar for You?

People sometimes ask us who should take the 3-Day MBA Seminar.  This Workshop is for you if:

  • You are short on time, and want to master the full MBA curriculum to bring about profound change in your life in one weekend

  • You are a Graduate of the MBA group program who wants to dig deeper into the curriculum

  • You would like a refresh on the most powerful MBA tools

  • You want a lot of personal interaction and additional support from Vanessa and Lisa as you master these tools

  • You’re a Corporate Client who wants to experience these tools for yourself before bringing the MBA Curriculum to your Organization

Other Logistics

Additional logistics will be provided approximately one month in advance.  For those flying in, we recommend flying into SFO or OAK airport.

About the Trainers

Vanessa Loder and Lisa Abramson facilitate the 3-Day MBA Seminar. We support your learning through experiential and partner exercises that allow you to fully incorporate the material and translate it into profound change.

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