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10 Week Course

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Download the Soul Power 10 Week Course TODAY!

Access Your Inner Wisdom to Move Through Your Fears and Achieve Your Purpose!

This program includes ten 60-90 minute Audios, a class workbook with notes and action steps, and access to the “Members Only” support site online where you can post questions, receive feedback and connect with other members of this special group.

Here are some questions to help you determine if this program is a good fit for you:

• Are you living up to your full potential?
• Do you repeatedly sabotage your own best efforts, seem unable to exceed a certain income level, or always end up attracting the wrong people?
• What if many of the issues and fears you’ve been dealing with in this lifetime actually originated in a previous incarnation?
• And what if your struggles could be shifted TODAY by understanding your soul’s life plan and clearing the fears and beliefs from your past?
• Having accomplished “Part A” in your life, are you ready to get started with “Part B”?!

Free Introductory Tele-Class!

Join us for a FREE Introductory Class to learn more about the SOUL POWER Program, and how you, too, can Achieve Your True Potential!

Listen to the Recording of our Free Class CLICK HERE!

This one-hour introduction to the SOUL POWER series offers an overview of the ten classes, and insights into the life plan your soul created before you were born.

You’ll learn why your soul chooses to come to the Physical Plane for the lessons and growth it offers, how it chooses your personality and shapes your view of the world, and how understanding your soul’s life plan is the key to creating a happier and more fulfilling life.

The introductory class will show you how to break your life plan into ten component parts, helping you to identify your soul-level personality, your overarching purpose, your blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs, and how to stay in the positive aspect of each of the elements.


Your course has rocked my little world! Any blocks that I had about creating my own business or playing music again have dissolved! I am actually really excited about making money now and can clearly visualize it happening rather than avoiding it at all costs. Without the space you both created, none of these shifts would have occurred. With my past life fears I have often second guessed people. But somehow I now have a trust in me that I didn’t know was there and I thank you so much for that. Ainslie and Vanessa you are just amazing the way you always speak with so much love and sincerity. I have learned so much and you have given so much that I will keep receiving from this course for a long long time. - Anonymous

Vanessa and Ainslie have joined forces to create a powerful program. Through their work, they hold space for their clients to expand, grow, shift and get a small glimpse of Source. But this small glimpse is enough to create life-changing, mind-bending, earth-shattering transformation in your life. My heart is open to the glorious possibilities of this life. I am not held by fear or doubt. I am free, perhaps for the first time in my life. -Regina

Soul Power: Realize Your Soul’s Potential

The 10 week program includes 10 full-length class recordings with Ainslie and Vanessa, a class workbook with notes & action steps, and access to the “Members Only” support site online.

In addition, as a Member of the Soul Power Program, you will receive FREE access to our Exclusive Monthly Membership Program for TWO MONTHS (valued at $200!).

*As part of our Monthly Program, you will be able to join Ainslie and Vanessa LIVE on the phone for a 60-minute Q&A session twice a month, during which you can receive individual readings from Ainslie and the Guides and laser coaching from Vanessa.


In the next ten weeks, you’ll learn to:

• Understand your place in the universe
• Create a life in alignment with your Soul Plan
• Find your soul’s purpose
• Move beyond your fears
• Create lasting internal change
• Stop being a victim; let go of past hurt and trauma
• Balance mind, body, and spirit
• Turn negative experiences into positive lessons
• Tap into a higher spiritual power

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