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8 Powerful Ways to Create Your Ideal Life

There are 8 powerful ways to create your ideal life: 1. Concentrate on activities that work well for you. We all have things that we don’t like to do and we call them chores for a reason. The key is to figure out what you love to do, and focus most of your time on […]

Realize Your Soul’s Potential

Ainslie MacLeod, an internationally acclaimed author, psychic and featured guest on Oprah’s Soul Series, and Vanessa Loder, a Stanford MBA and Executive Coach trained in past life regression and neurologically based change work, have created an innovative 10 Week Program to tackle big life issues in a practical and lasting way by creating change at the Soul […]

Do you have a past life?

A lot of people who are curious about past lives ask me about my work doing hypnosis and past life regression, so I thought it was high time I wrote about it! The cool thing about past life regression (which is when you hypnotize someone and guide them back to a past life memory), is […]

Great Affirmations

Remember, an affirmation should lift you up and affirm your life — or the life you want to create. Affirmations are a way for your conscious mind to teach your subconscious mind to be in a happier state. So, the list of great affirmations: I am competent, smart, and able. I believe in myself. I […]

Confessions of a Sugar Addict

Have you noticed that the food we eat has a tremendous impact on us not only physically, but mentally AND emotionally? I’m a sugar addict. I always have been. In times of stress or exhaustion, I tend to use sugar as my crutch. It’s my drug of choice. Sure, sometimes I choose alcohol – or […]

Be Truly Committed to Create a Life You Love

Once you have the awareness to see your patterns and you’ve started to take responsibility for your life, the next step to creating a life you love that is filled with joy and happiness, is Commitment. Change is not easy. In fact, it’s human nature to resist change. Just because you are aware of the […]
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